Everything DiSC® Bonus Video


Uses: Use the clips as the foundation for a sales presentation, to practice people-reading with your clients, or to engage your participants.

Video is delivered on a USB drive in Windows Media files (WMV).


  • A general overview of the behaviors of different DiSC styles
  • 133 minutes of video (107 segments)
  • Examples of ineffective and effective communication
  • Informal, unscripted interviews with people of all four DiSC styles
  • Edgy, over-the-top humor that shows style differences—in the extreme
    • Differences between DiSC styles when in conflict, and how behavior may be misunderstood
    • Managers interacting both ineffectively and effectively with employees with different DiSC styles
    • Salespeople exhibit how to close a sale more effectively by adapting their approach to meet their customer’s needs