Key Highlights are:

  • Cohort based coaching with monthly ½ day cohort sessions
  • After the first two sessions – cohort defines session topics
  • Typically designed to have leaders from different parts of organization with approx. 8-12 leaders in the cohort
  • Group picks one or two projects that are challenges in the organization or a new product / service that they want to take to market and deliver as part of the LEAP program.

Taking Charge

Check Point Competencies:

This module is an adaptation of the principles associated with the first 90 days in a new role and what to consider to be effective.

Learning Objectives:

One of the major requests for Mastery Coaching focuses on helping a client transition to a, new function, new direct reports, any situation where the client is moving into a new role where they have to establish themselves in the leadership role. The question this module focuses on is “How do I position myself to be an effective leader in a very short time?”
This module explores the various challenges encountered when making a role transition. In response to these challenges, a variety of strategies are discussed that will allow the client to take charge during this critical time. If the client is currently in a new role or about to be, the relevancy will be immediate.
Desired Outcome:
To maximize the opportunity for the client to be fully integrated, accepted, and successful in his or her new role.

Cohort Based Mentoring

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