Key Highlights are:

  • Cohort based coaching with monthly ½ day cohort sessions
  • After the first two sessions – cohort defines session topics
  • Typically designed to have leaders from different parts of organization with approx. 8-12 leaders in the cohort
  • Group picks one or two projects that are challenges in the organization or a new product / service that they want to take to market and deliver as part of the LEAP program.

Moving to the next Level of Leadership

Check Point Competencies:

Clarify the next steps to advance in your career, and assess what you need to have to get to that next level of leadership.

Learning Objectives:

Some leaders are more successful than others because they add appropriate skills and experiences as they move up the leadership hierarchy. Not to do so can leave them ill prepared for the challenges the job at the next level may require. These successions are referred to as passages. A passage represents a change in one’s organizational position—a different level and complexity of leadership.
Five general passages are identified:
Leading others. Level 1
Leading managers of others Level 2
Leading a function/discipline/sector. Level 3
Leading a business (a set of functions) Level 4
Leading an enterprise (a set of businesses) Level 5organizational position—a different level and complexity of leadership.
The challenge for an organization is to
(1) make sure that people in leadership positions are assigned to the level appropriate to their skills and experience and (2), adequately prepare these leaders to succeed at the next level. This module
clarifies the path to do so.
Desired Outcome:
As a result of going through this module, a coach will be able to assess the level of experience of their leadership client. The coach and leader together will be able to identify key experiences a leader needs to acquire to advance to the next level of leadership. Together they will be able to identify the experiences a leader already has had for the next level(s) that contribute to their candidacy for passage. They will be able to identify if certain supporting skills or experiences at their current level are missing making them candidates for failure.

Cohort Based Mentoring

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