Key Highlights are:

  • Cohort based coaching with monthly ½ day cohort sessions
  • After the first two sessions – cohort defines session topics
  • Typically designed to have leaders from different parts of organization with approx. 8-12 leaders in the cohort
  • Group picks one or two projects that are challenges in the organization or a new product / service that they want to take to market and deliver as part of the LEAP program.

Hiring The Right Talent

Check Point Competencies:

Facilitates Team Success, Works Efficiently

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the impact of poor selection & the cost of turnover
  • Identify job related requirements for the position
  • Develop behavioral questions to identify top performers
  • Learn several structured interview techniques
  • Learn how to conduct an interview
  • Understand how to determine the right talent to select

Cohort Based Mentoring

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