Key Highlights are:

  • Cohort based coaching with monthly ½ day cohort sessions
  • After the first two sessions – cohort defines session topics
  • Typically designed to have leaders from different parts of organization with approx. 8-12 leaders in the cohort
  • Group picks one or two projects that are challenges in the organization or a new product / service that they want to take to market and deliver as part of the LEAP program.

Building Relationship Bridges

Check Point Competencies:

Learn how to work effectively as a leader, with other key leaders in your organization.

Learning Objectives:

Leadership always operates in the context of relationships. Leaders are compelled to develop key relationships with individuals over whom they have no direct authority including peers, bosses and what is referred to as affiliations (customers, vendors, teams, councils, etc. At times these individuals play a significant role in both the passage of a leader and his or her success.
Desired Outcome:
The focus of this module is on building personal credibility and productive working relationships with one’s boss, peers, and external stakeholders. Precisely because the leader lacks direct authority over these areas of influence, relationship bridges are developed to enhance and ensure positive relationships. The leader profiles key relationships and creates a personal plan for each interaction. This includes key peers as well as his or her boss.

Cohort Based Mentoring

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Affiliate Partners

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